How much of a cock is Aaron Sorkin? There’s an episode in Season 2 of The West Wing where the Icelandic Ambassador’s surnames is Olafsdóttir and then Leo refers to the ambassador as a “he”.  How the fuck did that get through to broadcast? Doesn’t anyone in the whole chain of production know that the surname suffixes “son” and “dóttir” indicate the sex of the person? Sorkin thinks he’s king dick but he totally made himself look like a fucking idiot. The irony being that it was in a piece of dialogue about the President offending the Icelandic Ambassador the day before. Well the whole country is offended now, Sorkin you prick! What a monumental fuck up. What an arsehole. 

She feels this way about me only because her comprehension of English is limited :(

Because I nope everyone on Tinder the app has now taken to throwing a few dudes into the mix as it suspects I might be gay.

My favourite sexual statistic about myself is that I’ve walked in on more blowjobs than I’ve received.

Rediscovering my Flickr account I was reminded that I took the best photo ever of Rose from The Pipettes. 

(Source: Flickr / grantwyeth)

There was some pretty good opinions in today’s paper ☺️